How should I provide damaged data carrier ?

  1. Deliver the data carrier in person to our Studio: MG Data Recovery Studio, ul. Lawendowa 25, 20-827 Lublin. We work from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Before arriving, contact us by phone (+48535001860) to make sure that we are not currently at the customer’s premises.
  2. Send the data carrier via courier.
    1. Before you send us damaged media contact us by phone or email so that we can sent you an application form.
    2. Pack the data carrier in several layers of bubble wrap, and then place it in a rigid packaging so that it will not move inside during transport.
    3. Print the application form, complete it (describe the observed symptoms of damage and the circumstances in which the fault occurred as accurately as possible, don’t forget to enter your name, surname, telephone number and email address, as these data are necessary for proper communication) and attach it to the parcel.
    4. Send the package to the following address: MG Data Recovery Studio, ul. Lawendowa 25, 20-827 Lublin.
    5. Let us know by e-mail ( or by SMS (+48535001860) what is the number of the sent parcel and when the delivery date is planned. Examples of courier companies website addresses:,
  3. Contact us to arrange collection of the data carrier from you. (conditionally paid and available only in Lublin and the surrounding area). The date of receipt of the data carrier and the price of the service is determined individually.

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