What the data recovery process looks like ?

The data recovery process depends on many factors and the complexity of the damage to the media, although it can be divided into several stages.

  1. Contact with us to determine further steps.
  2. Receiving the data carrier along with obtaining the most detailed information of behavior of the data carrier and the situation in which the data was lost.
  3. Determining what data the customer wants to recover and what are his priorities in this matter.
  4. Proper analysis of the delivered data carrier. We usually reserve 6 to 10 business days for this stage. In many situations, this is a much shorter time, although it all depends on the complexity of the damage and the number of current orders. It is possible to perform the analysis in an accelerated mode, but this service is payable and agreed individually with the customer.
  5. Providing the customer (by e-mail or telephone) with information about the data we are able to recover and the cost of such a service along with the approximate lead time.
  6. If the customer accepts the valuation and scope of data that we are able to recover, we proceed to the appropriate data recovery process. If, however, the customer decides to not to use our services, the data carrier is returned to the customer.
  7. Providing the customer (by e-mail or telephone) with information about the completion of the data recovery process.
  8. Transfer of recovered data in the form chosen by the customer (DVD, USB, hard disk) and settlement with the customer.


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