We recover data from almost all data storage media

  • File deleted by mistake ? Don't worry! We will help you to recover it.
  • Removed partition ? Don't panic! We will help you to restore it.
  • Formatted HDD ? Calm down! We will help you to recover your data.

Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery (DR) is the process that requires proper knowledge and access to professional equipment and software, but in most cases it is the only way to restore your valuable data. If you lost access to your data due to any reason and you don’t have enough knowledge in DR we strongly recommend to not to try recovering anything on your own as any misguided attempts may lead to permanent lost of data making them unrecoverable any more. If you want to increase your chances to recover all your data we recommend to let professionals taking care of them.

In our DR Studio you don’t pay for attempts but only for results. “Analysis” of the damaged media is free of charge. If you reach a conclusion that our “Quotation” exceeds the cost you can pay for your data then you can terminate the process of “Data Recovery” without incurring any costs. Approximate costs of most frequent services are listed on the tab “Price list” located in the main menu. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us via emial ( or mobile (+48535001860) or you can also visit “FAQ” tab in the main menu where you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

We invite you to use services of our Data Recovery Studio.

Professional Solutions

During the process of restoring data we use professional devices and software of leading vendors in the field of Data Recovery. Most of our services are carried out in our studio in Lublin. In sophisticated cases we cooperate with engineers from Poland and abroad.

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