I lost my data, what should I do ?

  1. Do not panic, what is done is done.
  2. Refrain from using the device by turning it off. Don’t restart it. Any interference can only make things worse.
  3. If data loss occurred while the program was running, do not close it. Turn off the device by holding the power key for 5 seconds and do not restart it.
  4. Formatting, defragmenting, cleaning, moving the data carrier to another device can only aggravate the problem or lead to irretrievable data loss.
  5. Any new saved data can irrevocably prevent recovery of lost data.
  6. If you do not have appropriate knowledge, then any attempt to recover any data on your own (eg with the help of programs or colleagues such as “handyman”) can significantly impede the recovery of lost data or make it completely impossible.
  7. Any physical interference in the data carrier without specialized tools and appropriate conditions can result in irretrievable data loss.
  8. Contact us. We will provide information about further steps.

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